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Rain Gutter Cleaning

​Ideally once the majority of the leaves are down in the Fall.

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Tired of trying to remember everything you need to do to maintain your home?

Ask us about signing up for automatic yearly gutter cleaning.  

At Colorado Gutter Professionals, LLC our objective is help you maintain your rain gutters thus protecting your home and your investment. One way we help you is to provide gutter cleaning. Rain gutters and downspouts should be cleaned at least once a year. Neglecting this vital maintenance leads to gutters that are full of leaves, dirt and debris. Rain water or melted snow begins to spill over the top and causes damage to your fascia and siding. Let it go longer and your roof begins to leak and you end up with costly damage to the interior and the exterior of your home.

We recognize you lead a very busy life and finding time for even home maintenance is difficult. Let us help you by cleaning your rain gutters. Once the debris has been removed from your gutters and downspouts Colorado Gutter Professionals' crew inspects the condition of your rain gutters, photographing any areas of concern.

Re-Sealing Problem Area
At least Once every 5 years. Recommended every 3-5 years to maximum life out of your gutter system.

Another vital way to maintain your gutter system is by having our crew perform our maintenance package on your gutters. Once the gutters are free of debris, our crew inspects the gutters and re-seals any of the more common areas for leaks to first appear, such as the corners, end caps and around the downspout cups. To get maximum life out of your gutter system, we recommend this is only done once every 3-5 years.


French Drain or Landscape Drain Clean-Out

At least once every other year.
Must be done sometime between Spring and Fall before the ground freezes.

French drain or landscape drain clean-out is vital to maintain your gutter system. Often the downspouts on a home go down to a drain either under concrete or just under the ground. These drains are an excellent and efficient way of getting the water away from your home's foundation and using it wisely as it often ends in your lawn, which in Colorado's desert climate needs as much free water as possible.

The problem is many homeowners go to the expense of adding these drains, but then fail to maintain them by keeping them cleaned out. Roots begin to grow into the drains, leaves come down the downspout into the drain catch on these roots, decompose and become soil.

Before you know it your drain is packed and the only way to fix it is to start over and go through the expense of once again adding drains. Colorado Gutter Professionals offers a much better solution to this problem.

At least once every 3 years these drains need cleaned out. For PVC drains we recommend using an auger, much a like a plumber uses to auger the drains out. If the drains are perforated, corrugated drainage pipe, then jetting them out is ideal, before they become compacted. However, these remedies can only be done prior to the ground freezing, so add drain cleaning to your Fall to do list. 

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